1 March 2017

Pieter Wuille

Name:Pieter "sipa" Wuille
"Not sure what you've given us Hal, but as it is only 256 bit, I doubt it's a private key."


Joined BitcoinTalk December 17, 2010
BIP 9: Version bits with timeout and delay
BIP 30: Duplicate transactions(Supported since Bitcoin Core 0.10)
BIP 32: Hierarchial deterministic wallets
BIP 42: A finite monetary supply for Bitcoin(Draft)
BIP 62: Dealing with malleability(Witdrawn)
BIP 66: Strict DER signatures(Final)
BIP 103: Block size following technological growth(Draft)
BIP 141: Segregated witness(consensus layer)(Supported since Core 13.0)
BIP 143: Transaction signature verification for version 0 witness program(Supported since Core 13.0)
Bip 144 segregated witness(Supported since Core 13.0)
BIP 146 Dealing with signature encoding malleability(Draft)

- Has contributed most lines of code to the bitcoin project.
- Over 100 hours of testing
- Created segregated witness for Bitcoin improvement and better security
- Uncovered a bug in OpenSSL
- Maintainer of the network graphs website http://bitcoin.sipa.be

Bitcoin version 0.4.0
  •       Prepare codebase for Encrypted Keys.
  •       Do not use obsolete CPrivKey for passing keys around
  •       Bugfix: add autogenerated addresses to address book
  •       get rid of mapPubKeys
  •       Use CBitcoinAddress instead of string/uint160
  •       split off CBase58Data from CBitcoinAddress
  •       Fix for small change outputs
  •       Bugfix: don't overuse limited ExtractAddress
  •       avoid strAddress + validity checks
  •       SocketHandler thread can be detached

Bitcoin version 0.5.0
Bitcoin version 0.6
Bitcoin version 0.6.3
Bitcoin Core 0.8
Bitcoin-Qt version 0.8.2
Bitcoin Core 0.8.4
Bitcoin Core 0.9
Bitcoin Core 0.11
Bitcoin Core 0.13.1
Bitcoin Core 0.13.2
Bitcoin Core 0.15.1

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