1 March 2017

Peter Todd

Name:Peter Todd

- 2001 Peter Todd was working  on the construction of a digital currency system with Hal Finney and Adam Back
- 2004 Peter Todd was using and collaborating with Hal on the RPOW reusable proof of work system.
- Cryptography and Infosec expert, Master of arts
- 12 April 2018 python-bitcoinlib 0.10.1
BIP 9 version bits with timeout and delay(Supported since Core 12.1)
BIP 63 Stealth adresses(Bip allocated)
BIP 111 NODE_BLOOM service bit(Draft) with Matt "Blue Matt" Corallo
BIP 125 Opt-in full replace-by-fee signaling(Draft) with David Harding

Bitcoin version 0.6
Bitcoin-Qt version 0.8.2
Bitcoin Core 0.8.2
Bitcoin Core 0.9
Bitcoin Core 0.11.0

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