1 March 2017

Matt Corallo

Name:Matt "The Blue Matt" Corallo

A computer scientist from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
- Was 16-17 year when he started as a bitcoin core developer.
- Has made important contributions to the bitcoin client, the infrastructure, and the protocol.
- Maintainer of the” relay network, introduced in 2014
- Sidechain and Bitcoin extensibility.
- Contributed to BitcoinJ - Java implementation for lightweight applications.
- Cofounder of Blockstream

BIP 21: URI Scheme(Supported since 0.6)
BIP 37: Connection bloom filtering
BIP 111: NODE_BLOOM service bit(Draft) with Peter Todd(Supported since 0.12)
BIP 152: Compact block relay
Bitcoin version 0.4.0

  •       Add minversion to wallet.
  •       Add wallet privkey encryption.
  •       Set the number of SHA512 rounds based on the speed of the computer.
  •       Push unlocked_until in getinfo.
  •       Dynamically remove/insert the Options for encryption in the menus.
  •       Add the walletlock RPC method to lock the wallet manually.
  •       Add Wallet Encryption section to README
  •       Use DB Transactions when encrypting wallet. 
  •       Make an invalid addrIncoming so that old clients crash.
  •       Update makefile.linux-mingw to work with crypter and UPnP fix.
  •       Fix makefile.linux-mingw
  •       Fix crashes when a wallet is locked and GetReservedKey() is called
  •       Generate Warning when using default key.
  •       Fix Build in GetReservedKey() in wallet.cpp
  •       Fix bad return values in LoadWallet.
  •       Actually use mapAlreadyAskedFor.
  •       Fix EncryptKeys crash introduced by a9ba4710, identified by TD.
  •       Check for duplicate txins in CheckTransaction.
  •       Make it clear that setting proxy requires restart to fully apply.
  •       Don't listen if on TOR (resolves #441).
  •       Add missing include to serialize.h
  •       Add file for transaction tests.
  •       Cleanup test suite output to be more useful.
  •       Unify copyright notices.
  •       Missed a 'password' should be 'passphrase'.
  •       Fix incorrect RPC error messages
  •       Add specific wallet encryption details to doc/README
  •       Upgrade dependancies and tweak build process.
  •       Update binary mos to latest translations.
  •       Fix build process to actually work.
  •       Add binary mo for new translation.
  •       Update gitian build descriptors to produce proper builds.
  •       Update bitcoin icon to make nsis setup exe deterministic.
  •       Update binary mo to match latest po translation.
  •       Restructure gitian files and add download config files.

Bitcoin version 0.5.0
Bitcoin version 0.5.1
Bitcoin Core 0.6
Bitcoin-Qt version 0.7.1
Bitcoin-Qt version 0.8.2
Bitcoin Core 0.8.4
Bitcoin Core 0.11.0
Bitcoin Core 0.13.1
Bitcoin Core 0.13.2
Bitcoin Core version 0.16
Matt Corallo bitcoin address: 1JBMattRztKDF2KRS3vhjJXA7h47NEsn2c

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