1 March 2017

Martti Malmi

Name: Marti "Sirius-m" Malmi

- "Major thanks to Martti Malmi (sirius-m) for all his coding work and for hosting the new site and this forum"
Personal thanks on the December 16, 2009 from Satoshi Nakamoto 

- In 2009 Martti Malmi emailed Satoshi Nakamoto and offered to help develop Bitcoin.
- First Administrator at BitcoinTalk, where he was the second registered member.
- Made the Linux version of Bitcoin
- Mined 55000 BTC on his laptop
-  12 oct 2009 Created the first Bitcoin to Us Dollars transaction with NewLibertyStandard - sold 5,050 BTC for 5.05 USD on PayPal.

- Major contributor to new functions in Bitcoin 0.2 :
- Minimize to system tray option
- Autostart on boot option so you can keep it running in the background automatically
- New options dialog layout for future expansion
- Setup program for Windows
- He ran his own bitcoin exchange for a little while, exchanging BTC for SEPA bank payments.

Martti Malmi lost 10 btc on gox

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