1 March 2017

Jeff Garzik

Name: Jeff"jgarzik" Garzik

"It's just the early days of bitcoin. Bitcoin interests me as a base layer for enabling automated AI entities to function in the real world, hiring humans and running corporations via decentralized markets." quote by Jeff Garzik


- Began developing bitcoin in July 2010
- 15 August 2010  Found a vulnerability in the Bitcoin system that caused Bitcoins to be improperly verified as it  was discovered and exploited, it resultied in the generation of 184 billion Bitcoins.
- 14 September 2010 An offer was made by Garzik, in the name of the Bitcoin Store, to puddinpop to open source their Windows-based CUDA client. The offer was in the form of 10,000 BTC(600) USD. Which they agreed to 4 days later.
- Sold out of Bitcoin, officially declared that he owned 348.006 btc 21 june 2014
- Founded Bitcoin Watch
- Created the Python miner and library for Bitcoin.
- Quit his job as Linux, GNOME, cloud coder at Red Hat, to develop Bitpay in May 2013.
- Involved in the outer space project Dunvegan Space Systems
- After that he founded the bitcoin company Bloq and later went to create Alt coin United Bitcoin(UBTC) and Metronome
- Notable position over 10000 USD in BTC,CVC,DRGN,GNX,QTUM,SPC,Veriblock,UBTC
BIP 35 mempool message(Supported since Bitcoin 0.7)
BIP 100 that allows Bitcoin miners to become active voters on the future of the Bitcoin Core reference client
BIP 102 Block size increase to 2MB(Draft)

Bitcoin version 0.4.0
  •      Update CWallet::LoadWallet for proper return type.
  •       Bump version to 0.3.25
  •       doc/README: word wrap into something readable
  •       CAddrDB::LoadAddresses: properly initialize CAddress
  •       src/makefile.unix: remove -DFOURWAYSSE2
  •       Add reference python miner, in contrib/pyminer/
  •       README.md: word wrap text file
  •       Revert "Define MSG_NOSIGNAL to 0 on platforms where it is unavailable.

Bitcoin version 0.5.0
Bitcoin version 0.6
Bitcoin version 0.6.3
Bitcoin version 0.7
Bitcoin-Qt version 0.8.2
Bitcoin Core 0.9.0 
Bitcoin Core 0.11.0
Jeff Garzik at Bitpay

Jeff Garzik Bitcoin Address:1BrufViLKnSWtuWGkryPsKsxonV2NQ7Tcj


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