1 March 2017

Gavin Andresen

Name:Gavin Andresen

"Over time i think that Satoshi learned to trust me,he could see that I did not make any stupid mistakes. I never had any personal connection with Satoshi it was purely business. I think it was because he was so worried about people finding out his identity, I don`t know why"

quote from The rise and rise of bitcoin

- Lead core Bitcoin developer from the mid of 2010 to april 2014
- Gavin Andresen found a blog http://www.infoworld.com/article/2627013/open-source-software/open-source-innovation-on-the-cutting-edge.html?page=3 about an opensource attempt to create digital money, and it caught his interest, he downloaded the source code and after a few days he figured out that Satoshi Nakamoto had thought about everything.
- Donated over 10,000 bitcoins through the Bitcoin Faucet
- Added 62,000 and removed 76,000 lines of code from Bitcoin Core
- On the 27th April 2011 he Spoke to CIA after Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared after Wikileaks was established.
- Made Bitcoinxt
- Programming in C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript,Snobol, Rexx, APL and ML

BIP 11 M-of_N Standard transaction(Supported since Core 0.6)
BIP 12 OP_EVAL(withdrawn)
BIP 13 Adress Format for pay-to-script-hash(Supported since Core 0.6)
BIP 16 Pay to to script Hash (Supported since Bitcoin Core 0.6)
BIP 34 Block v2, Height in Coinbase
BIP 50 March 2013 chain fork post-mortem(Final)
BIP 61 Reject P2P message(Final)
BIP 70 Payment protcol(Final)
BIP 71 Payment protocol MIME types(Final)
BIP 72 Bitcoin:uri extensions for Payment Protocol(Final)
BIP 101 Increase maximum block size(widtdrawn)
BIP 109 2 Million byte size limit with sigop and sighash limits(Draft)

Bitcoin Core 0.3.3

  • Gavin Andresen's HTTP authentication to secure JSON-RPC
  • 5x faster initial block download, under 30 minutes

Bitcoin version 0.4.0
  • Do-nothing MapPort() ifndef USE_UPNP.  fixes #450
  • Don't std::advance past beginning of transactions array.  Fixes #465
  • Remove unused ScanMessageStart function
  • Compile with DEBUG_LOCKORDER to detect inconsistent lock orderings that can cause deadlocks
  • CHECKMULTISIG unit tests.
  • Highlight mis-matching locks
  • Fix rpc-hanging deadlocks
  • Fixed potential deadlocks in GUI code.Also changed semantics of CWalletTx::GetTxTime(); now always returns the time the transaction was received by this node, not the average block time. And added information about -DDEBUG_LOCKORDER to coding.txt.
  • Fix typo ("you own security")
  • SetCrypted() obtains keystore lock, to be safe.
  • Logic running with -keypool=0 was wrong (empty keys were being returned). Fixes #445
  • Fix RPC call name in error message
  • obtain cs_wallet mutex to protect vchDefaultKey
  • ixed regression I introduced: wallets with lots of transactions were unusable in GUI.
  • Fix bad merge: getaccountaddress was broken for new accounts
  • Give hard-coded seed nodes a random last-seen time, to randomize order they're tried.
  • Do not try to download blockchain from 0.3.23 nodes
  • If compiled -DDEBUG_LOCKORDER and run with -debug, print out every mutex lock/unlock (helpful for debugging something-is-holding-a-mutex-too-long problems)
  • Stay connected to seed nodes; disconnecting causes problems if you are trying to make the initial blockchain download.
  • Versions 0.3.20 THROUGH 0.3.23 have trouble with blockchain downloads; avoid them
  • Bumped version numbers to 0.4.0rc1
  • Optimize database writes for transactions with lots of TxIns.     Patch from ArtForz, who discovered the problem.
  • Fix AddAddress cs_mapaddresses/db transaction deadlock
  • Fix QA email address

Bitcoin version 0.5.0
Bitcoin version 0.5.1
Bitcoin version 0.6
Bitcoin version 0.6.3
Bitcoin-Qt version 0.7.1
Bitcoin Core 0.8
Bitcoin-Qt version 0.8.2
Bitcoin Core 0.8.4
Bitcoin Core 0.9
Bitcoin Core 0.11.0


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