1 March 2017

Bjarne Stroustrup

Name:Bjarne Stroustrup

"C++ is a general purpose programming language designed to make programming more enjoyable for the serious programmer.”


Invented 1985 The C++ programming language emerges as the dominant object-oriented language in the computer industry when Bjarne Stroustrup publishes the book The C++ 
Programming Language.

The work that led to C++ started in autumn of 1979 under the name ‘‘C with Classes.’’  
1979  Work on ‘‘C with Classes’’ began.  The initial feature set included classes and derived classes, public/private access control, constructors and destructors, and function declarations with argument checking.  The first library supported non-preemptive concurrent tasks and random number generators.
1984  ‘‘C with Classes’’ was renamed to C++.  By then, C++ had acquired virtual functions, function and operator overloading, references, and the I/O stream and complex number libraries.
1985  First commercial release of C++ (October 14).  The library included I/O streams, complex numbers, and tasks.
1985  The C++ Programming Language (‘‘TC++PL,’’ October 14) (Stroustrup,1986).
1989  The Annotated C++ Reference Manual (‘‘the ARM’’).
1991  The C++ Programming Language, Second Edition (Stroustrup,1991)


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