10 June 2016

Satoshi Nakamoto

Name:Satoshi Nakamoto - Creator of the Bitcoin whitepaper

He’s a world-class programmer, with a deep understanding of the C++ programming language,” he said. “He understands economics, cryptography, and peer-to-peer networking.
Dan Kaminsky, The New Yorker

- Creator of the Bitcoin whitepaper
- Satoshi Nakamoto wrote his posts on Tor and registred the domain name on the day August 18, 2008: The domain name bitcoin.org was registered on anonymousspeech. The domain name was "WhoisGuard Protected"
- 31 August 2008: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System was releassed
- 31 October  2008: Someone using the name Satoshi Nakamoto made an announcement on The Cryptography Mailing list at metzdowd.com: "I've been working on a new electronic cash system that's fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party. The paper is available at https://www.bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf .
This linked to the Bitcoin white paper published on bitcoin.org with the title.
-3 January 2009: The first Bitcoin block was mined, Block 0. This was known as the "genesis block" and contained the text: "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks,".
- 8 January 2009: The first version of the Bitcoin software was announced on The Cryptography Mailing list.
- 9 January 2009: Block 1 was mined, and Bitcoin mining began.
-16 December 2009 22:45:36 Bitcoin 0.2 with help from sirius and New liberty standard.
- Multi-processor support for coin generation
- Proxy support for use with TOR
- Fixed some slowdowns in the initial block download
- 11 December 2010: The Last words from Satoshi Nakamoto on Bitcointalk "It would have been nicer to get this attentíon in any other context. Wikileaks has kicked the hornet`s nest, and the swarm is headed toward us".
-  7 March 2013: Satoshi Nakamoto reappeared with a comment "I am not Dorian Nakamoto"

Why choose to be Anonymous?

The original stash of Bitcoins, originally researched by Sergio Damien Lerner remains unspent.
Because of privacy, when Bitcoin gained popularity, and became a worldwide phenomenon, Satoshi Nakamoto, would get too much attention from the press and from villains.
By staying anonymous, Satoshi Nakamoto could be able to live in peace and out of the spotlight.

Why choose the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto ?
A Company from Great Britain with the name Mind Candy is the creator of Perplex city, an online town where citizens must solve advanced puzzles and ciphers. In 2007 the citizens of Perplex city, wher challenged to find a person with just their first name and pic. The challenge was posted on www.billion2one.org the picture shows a Selfie of an Asian man standing in the Alsace province, East France and the only one cue for the players first name was: Satoshi

The Japanese economists and cryptographers Masashi Une & Tsutsomo Matsumoto could these 2  be the reason to the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto ?



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